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This is what real people are saying about Mega-T Green Tea Chewing Gum.

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"I recently tried your product, Mega-T Green Tea Chewing Gum Sugar Free and found the gum miraculously satisfying. The gum definitely curtails appetite in between meals."

Corliss R.
Simi Valley, CA

"I recently purchased Mega-T Green Tea Gum, I really love the flavor and texture of the gum."

Katie S.
San Antonio, TX

"As a green tea drinker I was surprised to find Mega-T Green Tea chewing gum at my super market checkout counter. A cup of tea in each piece of gum …amazing and convenient. Real health benefits in a gum!"

Janie U.
Palmdale, CA

"I do not normally chew gum but I do drink green tea. I now chew gum – Mega-T Green Tea Gum for the health benefits and weight loss. I couldn’t believe – one cup of green tea in one piece of Mega-T gum. I like that."

Helen Q.
Bloomington, MN

"I never drink green tea because of the herbal taste. I was already chewing gum regularly so I may as well get the health benefits of green tea. The flavor is very good so I’m a regular Mega-T gum person and I feel more energy. Such a good idea—green tea into gum with a good taste."

Joyce T.
Bogalusa, LA

"The least I can do for my health is chew gum—your Mega-T Green Tea Gum. I tried to drink green tea but couldn’t keep it up. Thanks for this convenient way to keep healthy. I’ve lost weight too – about 12 pounds."

Geraldine J.
Harrells, NC